About us

Woodcraft Custom Carpentry was founded by owner Sean Wood.

For the past ten years Sean has worked in construction, contracting, carpentry, and landscape architecture. Sean has utilized his extensive experience with his Business Administration degree to establish Woodcraft Custom Carpentry. Sean’s passion for carpentry and his attention to detail have resulted in high quality creations. Sean’s insight and creativity combined with his experience are the driving force behind Woodcraft Custom Carpentry’s beautiful designs and products.

Sean designs, develops, and constructs stunning finished carpentry products tailored to his clients’ desires and needs. Whether clients have a specific plan for their project or just an inkling of what they would like; whether they seek indoor or outdoor, wood or stone work Sean will assist his clients to develop and produce beautiful and intricate creations.

It is evident in Sean’s work that his passion, experience, creativity, eye for detail, and pride in his work shine through in every project he undertakes.

Please contact Sean Wood if you would like to enhance your home, cottage and/or property with a beautiful Woodcraft Custom Carpentry creation.